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The Listeners

Everyone is invited to join Stories of Symmetry, no matter who you are, where you live, or what your background is. We invite a diverse following from around the globe.

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Our Story

Streetside view of Jerusalem's Old City

In early 2018, host Ben LeBoot journeyed to Israel and was amazed at how that land and culture vivified the millennia-old Bible. While discussing that book with local people, he realized that Near-Eastern culture and traditional Jewish perspectives complemented and clarified his Christian vantage point in eye-opening ways.

With heightened understanding of the Promised Land and fresh ways to consider the Bible set therein, Ben returned home and began sharing his new insights with vigor. By late Spring of 2018, Brad Collins and Ben LeBoot had partnered to release The Symmetry Podcast: a home for conversations about faith and humanity that are designed to help people grow.

Even from the early days, Ben had envisioned a "spin off" podcast that would help listeners view the Bible through different lenses, much the same way that his trip to Israel had done for him. In Autumn 2020, that vision had its genesis, and Stories of Symmetry was born as a fortnightly podcast dedicated to revealing beauty and purpose through another look at faith, the sacred, and the stories that unite us all.

Presently, Stories of Symmetry remains a small operation that produces periodic blogs and podcasts enjoyed by a growing family of faithful listeners. Through word-of-mouth testimony, this incredible network shares our content with people from all walks of life and encourages them to share it also. We have big plans to continue to grow and expand while keeping vigilant to never sacrifice quality or purpose.

The Host

Stories of Symmetry host Ben 'LeBoot' LeBoutillier

Ben "LeBoot" LeBoutillier wears many hats for Stories of Symmetry. Though most familiar as host, he is also the podcast's creator, author, coder, and composer.

Boot logo for Stories of Symmetry host Ben 'LeBoot' LeBoutillier

Ben is involved in several other projects aimed at spreading good news and realizng God's Kingdom here on earth. Most recently, Ben's book Practical Advice for a Better World (available February 2024) proposes ways to streamline societal infrastructure and effectuate meaningful change. Learn more about this and his other projects at Ben's official website!

When you see the Boot Logo, you know it's Ben. Follow on Instagram, and use the hashtag #BenLeBoot.